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Padum to Darcha trek

Dear Tapo

We all arrived Manali yesterday. Enjoyed our trek very much and had a really good time with your staff. These are unforgettabel experances. Specially the kids had a very good understanding with Stanzin, Sonam, Jamyang and Purna. Thank your very much for the good service. We will recomend you.


An experience of life time

Dear Tapo

We began our journey as a road trip from Shimla to Ladakh. With the passes closed along the way, we never thought we would make it. But thanks to Tapo and his team and their wonderful coordination, we made it to Leh. It was an experience beyond our imaginations. One has to live it to sense the heaven the Ladakh valley is. Added to that was the clever planning and the arrangements done at every bit of our journey. I wish many more would live up this beautiful experience. Good luck Tapo, to continue your wonderful work. Warm Regards Gowri Sekarbabu Chennai

Ms. Gowri Sekarbabu

MY TRAVELOGUES / Ladakh - A Journey in a Cold Desert

Dear Tapo,

Thank you very much for your email. Wish you and your family too a very happy new year. Right now, I am not in India. But as soon as I will reach India I will visit Ladakh again. Ladakh is the most beautiful places on the Earth I have ever seen. Thanks a lot for all your arrangements in Ladakh :)
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 recommendation for Lamyuru to Padum trekking


PierLuigi and Amelie



Dear tapo- 

Thank you for asking. Everything was OK,. Sonam did a good job in Delhi. We are very busy in our job,since we are back in Vienna. Many times we think back to our journey in ladakh- how super it has been and we thank you and all of your staff for making such a nice time for us. Off course we will give your address to interested people and tell them how content and satisfied we have been. We wish you all a good tourist season- healthiness off course and we will give a note from time to time. Tomorrow we have to go to poland-warsaw for one week. But then we will stay at home and work. Julee, namaste, all the best to you and best greetings to all we know.

Nikolaus and Elisabeth

clients reviews

 Dear Tapo!

Thank you again for your support and help in Ladakh.. The things which you organize were good and in profesional manner..My guests were satisfied! So thank you again!

I Hope that we will cooperate next year again..

All the best,
Tomas petak

Dear Tapo !
Thank you for organizing this great tour. We had a wonderful time in India and enjoyed
every day. We arrived this morning in Vienna after 13 hours traveling from Kerala to Austria.....
We gave your friend in Dehli  INR 40.000.- so there is still a balace of € 786.-
Please let me know, if your bank is working, so I could send you the money next week to State Bank of India.
Hope your town comes slowly to normal and wish you no further rainfalls !!!
With warm regards
Dr. Stephen Losch

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Hello Tapo,
We wish you an happy new year 2011 !
Now our familly is bigger, we just have a little girl who is namming Léa !
So for the moment, it's difficult to trek but when she will be a little older, we will do another trek in ladakh with her !
Best regards,
Wilfrid and Dominique and Lea.



2011 August Manali to Leh by mountain bike tour



Mountain Biking from Manali to Leh

 Dear Tapo, I asked my bank to send you the remaining Balance Rupees this
afternoon.  I'm really sorry that it has taken so long, but I hadn't
realized that my bank would only allow payment during a small part of UK
working hours.  Please let me know if you don't receive the funds within
 the next few days (I sent them to the same account that I sent the deposit).
Thank-you for putting together such a wonderful holiday for Anna and I.
 Best Wishes.
Mr Benjamin Psaila
Miss Anna Marie Watson



Markha Valley trek in 2011 summer

 Markha Valley Trek in 2011 summer

Hello  Tapo

Yes we had a very good trip in Marka valley with your guide Kalyaan in 2011.
We did stop 1 night at your mothers house?
This year we hope to vist nepal. 
Perhaps visit Ladakh again  in 2 years 
Terry Young

From Singapore

Thanks Tapo Lawang,

 My sister-in-law and all my friends who travelled with you and your team are very happy with the services and friendship.

I do hope more Singaporean can benefit from you and your team Himalaya-guide (Ladakh Voyages).

Best regards
Sam Leo


Sam Leo

Adventure In Ladakh

Himalaya-guide (ladakh voyages) Recommendation and beautiful pictures of Ladakh pls visit Cecilia Rojas's web Blog and please visit mountaineering menu at.

Cecilia Rojas


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