Fixed Departure

 01.MARKHA VALLEY Home Stay Trekking.

Markha Valley fixed dates are Every Day from 15th Of May to 15th of November every Year for 06 Months.
Note-during Home stay trekking, one Local English speaking Guide with few horses and horse men,all three meals and transport by car drop to staring point of the trek  and pick up from the finishing point of the trek all are included.with all Environmental fee ,entrance fee+wild life fee.
Note ask for MARKHA VALLEY 04 NIGHTS 05 DAYS TREK AND 05 NIGHTS 06 DAYS TREK IS ALSO POSSIBLE FROM chilling village to Chogdo Viilage.
Day 01.Leh- Zingchen/Rumchung to Rumbak

(walking distance 3-4 hours)
Zingchen, a village at a distance of 17kms from Leh is the starting point of the trek. Drive from Leh to Zingchen. 
 you’ll find yourself Driving through the narrow gorges of Rumbak valley. This part is very good place to spot the Snow leopard. Far above the cliff you’ll see two nests of Golden Eagle, opposite to each other, you’ll see prayer flags and Lato. After the gorges. You’ll see the Rumbak Community Parachute Café and a camp site, this place is known as Rumbak Sumdho. Avoid the straight trail and go to left to reach Rumbak there are two camp sites and nine families offering Home stay.

Day 2- Rumbak to Shingo

(walking distance 5-6 hours)

From Rumbak come back to Rumbak Sumdho. Walk along the main trail, keep walking for about one hour, you’ll reach a place called Yurutse. One family lives here, and it offers Home stay. From Yurutse the trail gets steeper with every step. Before scaling the Kandala Pass. You can refresh yourself with some drinks at the Parachute cafes at Kandala Base I and Kandala Base II. In this area you can spot several wild animals like Marmot, Tibetan Woolly Hare, Blue sheep and the endangered Tibetan Argali. You can also see birds like Golden Eagle, Lammergeyer and Griffon Vulture circling far  in the sky. The point zero view from the Kandala Pass Top will mesmerize you with is its beauty. From the Kandala pass 4900 Mts Top you can have a spectacular view of the Ladakh and Zanskar ranges. You can also see Shingo village far down in the valley. It will take you around 2 hours to reach Shingo village from Kandala Top. There are 2 campsites and 4 Home stays at Shingo.

Day 3-Shingo to Skyu/Kaya

(walking distance 4-5 hours)

Today is and easy day as the trail from Shingo till Skyu Lungdo is descend. The narrow gorges of Shingo is perfect for the Snow Leopard. Blue sheep can also be seen in these gorges. After walking along the stream for two hours, one can see three nests of Golden Eagle up in the cliffs. After walking for 20 more minutes from that point, you will reach aparachure café which is run by the Kaya Women Group. After one hours’ walk you will reach Skyu Lungdo. Ruins of early settlement can be seen at this leading towards straight and you will see the Skyu Monastery on a ridge at the right side. Before the monastery you can also see the holy juniper trees. The settlement on far right is Kaya you can opt to stay at Skyu or at Kaya, depending upon your choice. Both the places offer good Home stays and nice camping places.

You can opt for another route in the Hemis National Park. This route gets diversified from Skyu/Kaya  towards the other direction of the Markha Valley and sill take you to Chilling, a village widely known for its copper metal work.

From Skyu/Kaya follow the trail in the western direction. You’ll reach a place called Lama Guru after 40 minutes walk . and then you can see gravels being made on the river bed, which is getting ready for cultivation. Now you are on the bank of Zansker River. Cross the river over the trolley bridge and follow the motor able road towards the direction of the flow of the river. After one hours’ walk you are at Chilling. At Chilling there are six families and all of them offer Home stays. At Chilling, one mist visit the Copper Work Museum, which reflects the quality of the craftsmen and shows that how this age old tradition remained so intact.

Day 4-Skyu/Kaya to Markha

(walking distance 6-7 hours)

Starting from Skyu, keep on following the stream. After one hours’ walk you’ll reach a place called Pentse. At Pentse there is a restaurant run by the Skyu Women Group . after walking for another one hour cross the stream and in a short duration you’ll reach a place called Hamurja. At Hamurja there is a camping site and a restaurant management by the Markha community. After walking for one and half hours form Hamurja you’ll come to a place called Sara, where one family stays. Here you can also find a restaurant. From there on the trail gets a bit steeper, and after walking for 15 minutes you’ll reach Chalak. Here you can see agricultural land and certain houses . after 15 more minutes you will reach Lato Marpo where you can find some Stupas. This is the place for the protector deity of Markha . then after on hours walk you will see a single house, the place is called Thinlepa. Cross the steam just near the house, after half hours’ walk you are in Markha. At Markha you can find 6 families offering the Home stays.

Day 5-Markha to Hangkar

(walking distance 4-5 hours)

Today you have to cross the Markha stream six times. You can avoid it for four times alternative routes, but is a bit time consuming. Just after 20 minutes walk cross to the other side and after a short walk again to left. After a while again cross to right. Walk for 15 minutes and you have cross to the left side once again. After walking for 10 minute you can see the Stecha Monastery up on a cliff. After  30 minutes wall you will reach Umlung Yokma, where you can find a parachute café.Cross to right and after 10 minutes cross bsck to left and you are at Umlung Gongma. Here also you will find a parachute café. At Umlung all three families are offering Home stay.From there keep walking for 2 hours and you’ll reach Hangkar Yokma.Here there are 4 Home stays. If you go into the valley on the lkft you’ll reach Doltoglung after 10 minutes walk. Here two family offers Home Stay.Walking for 15 minutes from Hangkar Yokma, after crossing a small pass you’ll reach Hangkar Gongma.Here there are 3 Home statys. Towards the right you can see the ruins of Hangkar castle.

Day 6- Hangkar to Nimaling

(Walking distance 5-6 hours)

As soon as you start today,after15 minutes walk you’ll come to a foot bridge over the stream which leads towards the right side valley.Avoid the foot bridge and keep walking on the left  side of the stream for about one and half hours. Cross the stream and you’ll  be at Thachungtse, where you can find a Paracchute Café. From Thachungtse the trail becomes somewhat ascending. After 2 hours walk you’ll reach Tsigu, which is the highest point today. A small pond is there From Tsegu we can see the Kang Yatse Peak. After walking for about one and half hours you’ll reach Nimaling.Nimaling is the pasture ground for both Markha and Hangkar villages. At Nimaling you can stay at the six fixed camps which runs under the aegis of YAFCD HNP and provides the same facilities as of the Home stays.

Day 7-Nimaling to chogdo

( Walking distance to chogo )

Nimaling is the base of Kongmaru Pass, so today as soon as you start you have ascend towards Kongmaru Pass leaving the stream on the top of Kongmaru Pass. Descend for one hour and you’ll find yourself walking though a gorge. Continue for 2 hours and you’ll reach Chhu Skyurmo, where you can find a parachute café and a camping place. After walking for half hour from Chhu Skyurmo parachute café you will reach Chogdo. Three families offering home – stay

Day 8- Chogdo to Leh

(Walking distance 2 hours +One and half hours’ drive back to Leh)

From Chogdo keep on following the stream in 2hr you will be at Shang-sumdho. Shang-sumdho is well connected with motor-able road. From Shang-sumdho to Leh the drive is about one and half hours. On the way back you can visit the largest,popular and richest monastery of Ladakh, Hemis and Thiksay Monastery.

02.SHAM VALLEY(Baby Trek) Homestay.
SHAM Valley fixed dates are Every Day for  round the year from 1st of January to end of December 12 months.
Note-during Home stay trekking, one Local English speaking Guide with few horses and horse men or with porters,all three meals with the local family  in village house and transport by car drop to staring point of the trek  and pick up from the finishing point of the trek all are included.with all Environmental fee ,entrance fee+wild life fee.

Day 1. Leh to Basgo trek to Likir:

After breakfast you will leave Leh for one hour drive to Basgo 43 kms ( enroute photo stop at the confluence of river Indus and Zansker)and after visiting the Basgo monastery with sacred copper gilt image of Maitreya Buddha two stories in height nice view from the fortress/palace-after visiting, walk for about four hours through an arid, sandy plateau surrounded by Rocky Mountains and desert flowers, arriving in the oasis of Likir Village,visit Likir monastery which is at the top end of the village at a distance of about an hour dominated by a huge outdoor statue of Buddha after visiting trek down to the Home through the green fields and houses of the village - overnight in the Homestay 3600 mtrs.

Day 2. Likir to Yangthang:

After having breakfast in the homestay and getting your picnic lunch start your trek for about four to five hours through two low passes Pobela 3660 mtrs from where you can see the sumdo hamlet with three families at the bank of saspochay stream, to reach there you have to walk down along the zigzag trail and need to cross the stream very carefully on the narrow temporary pole bridge, you will need to stop for few minutes to refresh then walk ascend up on the sandy trail ignoring the motorable road until you reach the top of Chagatse La 3700 mtrs- you can have a great view of the village of yangthang as well as surrounding mountains and valleys on both sides ,walk slowly down along the motorable road to yangthang.Overnight in the Homestay at 3600mtrs.You can advice them for different menu then yesterday.

Day 3. Yang thang to Hemis shokpachan:

Today you have to walk for about three hours to reach the next destination through Tsermangchan la 3720 mtrs.Overnight in the Homestay at 3600mtr You can ask for different menu,If you have to stay down one Homestay then you will visit a traditional Ladakhi house welcoming you with Chang (local barley beer) and Gur Gur Tea (salt butter tea) at the top most house of the village.


You can also visit Ulay village at the top of yangthang in almost 2hours and can trek to Hemisshokpachan village via Spangola pass 4370 metres in more 3 hours. You can also visit the small lake at the base of mountain in the deep up valley and trek down to ullay- stay one night in Ulay in homestay village house.

Day 4. Hemis shokpachan to Tingmosgang:

After the breakfast walk for about four to five hours crossing two Passes Rongtilla 3660mtr at the top of village Hemisshokpachan at a distance of about half hour and walk down untill base then the trail is along the base of Rocky Mountain until you reach the base of Meptakla where you can refill your water bottles at the cold clean spring water, walk ascend up to Meptak la 3720 mtrs-have a nice rest with cool and fresh air with great view then descent to arrive Ang village Or to Tingmosgang village -Afternoon free to visit the monastery and the old palace from where you can have a very nice view of the surroundings -overnight in Homestay either at Ang Or in Temisgam at 3050 mtrs.


If you stay in Ang you will visit the Palace/monastery next day morning while going to Khalsi Village.

Day 05.Temisgam to Khalsi drive Leh:

Today after having the breakfast walk with your day packs in between the green fields and local houses until you reach the bottom of the Bongbongla pass in the locality of Tia village almost in one hour,after having rest at the bank of the stream, start ascent fallowing the zigzag path until you reach the top of Bongbongla (3630 mtrs) from where you can have a wounderful view of the surrounding peaks including the grant pasture land and glacier of Tia and Temisgam villages at the base of high and snow capped mountains,after having rest and capturing in cameras the wounderful landscap you will fallow the descent walk along the sandy and dusty trail leaving the canyons on right towards your pickup point at Balukhar where Cars waiting for you and drive back to Leh ,enroute you will visit the famous and unique painting of Alchi Choskor (monasteries) and then drop at your Family Guest House.


Trip Duration: 07 TO 21




Trip Duration: 11 TO 25 DAYS



indus valley with stok kangri accent

Destinations: Delhi-srinagar--kargil-leh-nubra valley-stok kangri summit 6150 mts -leh-serchu
Trip Duration: 21 days
Best Time: mid june to end of september
Grade: moderate/challenging
Altitude: 6150 mts summit and by road 5600 mts

Trip Cost: 990 euros per/person

indus valley with stok kangri accent

Ladakh zanskar dream trek

Destinations: ladakh zanskar ladakh
Trip Duration: 26 days
Best Time: july to end of september
Grade: challenging
Altitude: 4000+
Highlights: 5200

Trip Cost: 1300 euros per/person

Ladakh zanskar dream trek


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